Using the Clipboard in MS Word

MS Word Repair Tool – When a user cuts or copies some text, MS Word stores that information on the Clipboard in a hierarchical order. Each time some text is cut or copies, it gets moved to the top of the Clipboard hierarchy and the data, which was previously at the top, moves one level down. On choosing 'Paste', the item at the top of the hierarchy is the item, which MS Word had pasted into the document. The Clipboard has the limit of storing up to 24 items. One can paste any item on the Clipboard into the document by placing the cursor at the insertion point, displaying the Clipboard pane, and then by clicking that item.

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Using the Clipboard

  • Firstly, place the cursor at the point where the text needs to be inserted
  • And then, choose the 'Home' tab
  • Now, click the Clipboard dialog box launcher for opening the Clipboard
  • On the clipboard, click the item, which needs to be inserted into the document
  • Finally, MS Word will paste the Clipboard item into the document at the insertion point
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