Typing Text in MS Word – Backspace and Delete Keys

Typing Text in MS Word: In Microsoft Office Word, documents are created by typing them. For example, if it is required to create an article, then one can open the MS Word application recover and begin typing. While typing, when the text reaches the end of a line and it is required to move to the new line; MS Word automatically moves the text to a new line and the user is not required to do anything except keep typing. For moving to a new paragraph, 'Enter' can be pressed on the keyboard. In Microsoft Office Word repair application, blank line is created to indicate the start of a new paragraph. For capitalize any letter, one can hold the 'Shift' key and type the required letter which need to be capitalized. In case, some mistake occurs while typing the text, one can delete that word/words and then retype the corrected word/words.

Backspace and Delete Keys:

Backspace key can be used to delete a particular text. Each time one presses the 'Backspace' key, Microsoft Word deletes the character that precedes the insertion point (The insertion point is actually that point at which the mouse pointer is located). One can delete the text by using the 'Delete' key. First, the text should be selected; and then the 'Delete' key can be pressed.

Type Text – Backspace and Delete Keys

  • Type a sentence in the MS Word document
  • or deleting a particular word, one can either use the arrow keys or the mouse to place the cursor between the period and the last letter of the word. Then, press the 'Backspace' key until the word is deleted. Or select the word and press the 'Delete' key

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