The Ruler and Text Area in MS Word 2007 File Recovery Tool

The Ruler: In MS Word 2007, the ruler can be found below the Ribbon.

The Ruler: The ruler can be used for changing the format of your document. If however, the ruler is not visible, one can follow the steps given below for viewing the ruler:

  • First, one needs to click the "View" tab to choose it.
  • Then, one has to click the check box next to Ruler in the Show/Hide group.
  • The ruler will then appear below the Ribbon.

The Text Area: Right below the ruler, there is a large space called the text area. One can type the document data in this text area. The blinking vertical line is the cursor, which is used to mark the data insertion point. As the user types in this text area, the text starts to display at the cursor location. The horizontal line, present next to the cursor, marks the end of the text document.

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