The Microsoft Office Button in MS Word

In Word 2007, the upper-left corner of the window is this Microsoft Office button. On clicking this button, a drop down menu appears which can be used for creating a new file, for opening an existing file, for saving a file, and for performing many other tasks.

What this Microsoft Office button performs was previously there in the File menu in the older versions of MS Word 2007 File Tool.

Using this Microsoft Office button, it is possible to create a new document, to open an existing document, to save or save as any document, to print a document, to send (through email or fax) a document, to publish or close a document etc.

Steps to Set the Page Size

  • Steps to Set the Page Size
  • First and foremost step is to choose the 'Page Layout' tab
  • Now, click 'Size' in the 'Page Setup' group
  • A menu will appear
  • Click the required size (For example, you can choose Letter 8.5 x 11in)
  • MS Word will set the page size as chosen

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