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There are many tools for performing Docx repair process but, Docx Repair software is efficient and cost effective Docx Repair tool.

About MS Word and Its File Formats

MS Word is a composing program that enables you in creation and sharing of documents with its writing tools. Doc file is mainly related to Microsoft Word .doc is a file extension of word file in Microsoft Word 97, 2000, 2002 and 2003. File formats of word file varies with different Editions of Microsoft Word. In 2007, Microsoft Word Doc files became Docx files. The open XML standard got introduced in Office 2007 and it changed default format of Microsoft Word to .docx instead of the .doc format. Microsoft Word 2007 and later versions of Outlook have Docx file format.

Reasons for Docx Corruption:

DOCX files can get corrupted due to many reasons like:

  • Inappropriate system shutdowns
  • Improper functioning of the software
  • Virus assails and Trojan infections
  • Failure of hardware
  • Application of Macro Rule

You can easily understand the above mentioned reasons except for the last reason which is application of macro rule and this is the most common reason for the corruptness of Word document. MS word provides you with the option to create Macros. Macros are the recorder series of orders which helps you to store the words or functions that you use frequently, and it can be used to play back or exclude later. The Macro recorder is the most commonly used method for macro application in MS word. Sometimes, Macro may contain the virus which it carries along when you try to import the application from one document to any other document and it plays a major role in corruptness of MS word document.

Corruption due to macros in MS word can lead to different problems like:

  • Inappropriate display of font size.
  • Misplacing of application icons i.e. you will see MS Word's at the place of MS Excel's icon.

You can comfortably repair Docx file using Docx repair tool as it maintains a simple and understandable interaction with the user which helps in Docx file recovery with quality. You can easily perform Docx recovery of large and numerous Docx files. This software can repair corrupt Docx at an unbelievable conversion. This tool doesn't make any change in Docx files at times of Docx repairing. You can comfortably save and Open Docx files in three different formats RTF, HTML and TEXT after its repairing.

Charge less Software Edition: Charge less edition of this software allows you to justify the ability and performance of Docx Repair software. You can see the Docx Repair procedure and you can also preview the repaired Docx files but you cannot save the repaired Docx files.

Functionality in Full Swing: The complete version of Docx Repair is an excellent choice as it performs 2007 document recovery from almost all the complex situations. This version supports most of the windows versions. It can perform Docx repair process at a very high conversion rate. You can repair unlimited Docx files and can save them using this version. You can get personal license of this software at $45 and business license at $99 only.

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