How to Use the Spell Check Feature in MS Word?

In MS Word, one gets the facility to check the spelling and grammar as the text is typed by the user. Error in the spelling of any word is displayed with a red wavy line under that word. Grammatical error is displayed with a green wavy line under the wrong word/words. In MS Word 2007, one can use the Review tab's 'Spelling & Grammar' button for initiating a spell and grammar check of the document.

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How to Use Spell Check?

  • Now, select a sentence from the tex
  • Then, choose the 'Review' tab
  • After that, click the 'Spelling & Grammar' button
  • The Spelling and Grammar dialog box will appear
  • Wrongly spelled words will be highlighted on the screen and noted in the 'Not in Dictionary' box. MS Word will also suggest correct spellings. These suggestions can be found in the 'Suggestions' box
  • Click a particular word in the 'Suggestions' box
  • Now, click 'Change' (Note: If that particular word is misspelled in multiple places in the document, click 'Change All' to correct all the misspellings)
  • If some word is not there in the dictionary, but the user knows that it is correct; then, he can click 'Ignore Once' to leave that word in the document as it is (Note: If that word appears at multiple places in the document, one can click 'Ignore All' so that it is not prompted again and again by Word to correct the spelling of that word in each occurrence)
  • If some correct word is not found in the dictionary and one frequently uses it, then, it can be added to the dictionary by clicking the 'Add to Dictionary' button. Word will not show error and will recognize that word the next time it appears in any document.
  • Once the corrections are done, this appears on the screen - "Word finished checking the selection. Do you want to continue checking the remainder of the document?"
  • One can click 'No' if he is done with the corrections
  • However, if it is required to spell-check the entire document, one can click 'Yes'

Note: It is also possible to initiate the spelling and grammar check process by just pressing F7. If no particular word/sentence is selected, then MS Word will check the entire document.

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