How to Indent Paragraphs in an MS Word Text Document?

Indentation: In a text document prepared using MS Word Office application, the indentation allows to indent the paragraphs from the left and/or right margins. One may find this indentation useful and necessary while quoting a large block of text.

Galleries and Their Items: On the 'Insert' tab, there are galleries that include items, which are formed for coordinating with the overall look of the text document. These galleries can be used to insert tables, lists, cover pages, headers, footers, and other document building blocks. While creating pictures, charts, or diagrams, these also coordinate with the current document look.

One can very easily change the formatting of some selected text in the document by choosing a look for that selected text from the 'Quick Styles' gallery present on the 'Home' tab. One can also format text directly by using the other controls present on the 'Home' tab. Most controls mainly provide a choice of using the look from the current theme or using a format that the user has specified directly.

How to Indent Paragraphs?

  • First of all, place the cursor anywhere in the paragraph of the text that is being typed in the document
  • Now, choose the 'Page Layout' tab
  • Type the required amount in the Indent Left field 
    Or use the up or down arrows to set the field value to that required amount
  • Type any required amount in the Indent Right field
    OR use the up or down arrows to set the field value to that required amount
  • The paragraph will now be indented from both the left and right margins

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